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Sandy Geroux, M.S., is an award-winning speaker, trainer and author who helps you turn your Workplace into a WOWplace®! Since neither leadership nor customer service can function properly without the other, Sandy conducts programs for leaders, front line customer service representatives and administrative professionals to help strengthen the bond between leaders and their teams and create effective partnerships that benefit all stakeholders. Her programs overflow with ideas, tips and stories of everyday actions that inspire leaders and team members to go the extra mile to find hidden WOW’s that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone around them. Attendees describe her dynamic speaking style as enthusiastic, energetic and extremely motivating!

  Sandy’s programs include:  

For Customer Service Representatives:

Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace: Creating WOWs for Customers

Statistics show that customers who have had a problem successfully resolved are up to 8 times more loyal than customers who never experienced a problem at all; this is also true for internal customers (co-workers). With this in mind, organizations must develop and implement policies that truly serve their customers, as well as ensure smooth communication exists between departments when implementing them. In this program, Sandy reminds associates that they can gain as much personal and professional satisfaction from their interactions as customers do, by: a) finding creative ways to provide exceptional experiences customers never forget; b) gaining customer gratitude for their help and advice; and c) encouraging and supporting each other during those occasions when a customer just won’t be satisfied! Through entertaining stories, enlightening case studies and innovative tools and templates, she helps attendees remember that customer service is about making a difference, not just a sale. This focus will create the bottom line results you desire, while simultaneously creating loyal repeat customers who rave about you – and whom no one can tear away!


For Leaders:

Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace: Creating WOWs for Associates

Leadership is not rocket science. The mindsets and concepts of how to be a great leader have been known, analyzed and taught forever! In fact, we all know what to do; the difficulty comes in finding ways to do it consistently, even in the face of disengagement and business and personal pressures. An added challenge comes from the fact that we all have “blind spots” when it comes to our own thoughts and behaviors that are hard for us to recognize and even harder for others to point out to us. In this engaging and entertaining program, Sandy shares stories, examples and insights that help leaders identify what their people won’t – and can’t – tell them about what they may be inadvertently doing to inhibit employee engagement and contribution. She will share The WOWplace® Rules, five categories of leadership behaviors that outline a successful formula for not only creating cultural consistency in the midst of human inconsistency, but for allowing everyone to respond respectfully and compassionately when human mishaps occur so everyone can get back to business ASAP. Sandy also guides attendees in using her proprietary leadership assessment tool, Leadership Bingo™, to quickly assess their strengths and identify any gaps (“blind spots”) in their leadership skills or their consistency in applying those skills to everyday workplace situations.


For Administrative Professionals:

The Invaluable Assistant: 15 Hard-Hitting Ideas From the Field (and many other programs)

Your competence makes you “indispensable.” Beyond that there are mindsets, attributes and skill sets that executives prize in their assistants – features that move you from “indispensable” to “invaluable.” Knowing what your leader is looking for (often before they know), “having their back” by anticipating needs and attending to things they overlook, and acting with the agility and adaptability demanded of executives is as critical to your success as it is to theirs. Direct from executives and their assistants, get 15 hard-hitting tips, skills and mindsets you need to stay on top of your game, and help your executives stay on top of theirs.

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