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How to develop a Brand for Startups
Stream by: Nishita Mantry

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Our business is very dear to us. We are committed to our work & we love what we do. But there's always this feeling that we have; we aren't doing good enough. Inspite of putting in our heart & soul there's something missing. People love our products but why is it that they don't end up buying. The answer to all these questions that keep running on our mind is in our BRAND's DNA. In these ?Webinar we will talk about: 1. Brand Identity - Why did you start this business? What are your brands values & beliefs? What does your brand stand for? 2. Brand Personality - If your brand were human how would it be.? ?How to make your Brand impressive & popular. 3. Brand Niche - What special needs or audience are you serving?. ? 4. Brand USP - Are you your customers only choice?. How to make your customers addicted & loyal to your products? 5. Customer Profiling - Who is buying your product & why?. How to find the right customer for your business ? 6. Brand Positioning - How do people perceive your brand.?What are people thinking about you & your business.? 7. Brand Storytelling - How do we introduce our brand ? Be a part of this interactive session with lots of branding exercises, discussions & self - introspection into your business.