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Timeless Practices of Promoting Your Passion
Stream by: Martini Fisher

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What do you, an ancient Chinese Concubine and the Roman Emperor Augustus have in common? You are all passionate about something that not many people understand. This makes introducing what you do and getting people interested in what you offer more challenging. Entrepreneurship and promoting your passion is a timeless practice. Mythographer Martini Fisher will take you through the basics of finding your niche, establishing your authority and building your audience the way they have been done for thousands of years. Together, we will: 1. learn from the ancient courtesans about the dangers of being “ordinary” and the necessity of finding your niche. 2. learn from the first Roman Emperor Augustus about using simple visual imagery to establish your brand. 3. learn from worshipers of ancient deities about building your platform, targeting your audience and make them as passionate about your product as you do. Moving back and forth between the modern day to the ancient times in 30 minutes, we learn from our elders about how to establish ourselves using our passion and our existing audience. We will discover many similarities that we can utilize to make our efforts unique, and uncover more ideas and possibilities in starting our businesses that we have never thought of before.


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