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Freelance Writing: Make A Living Doing What You Love
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  • Freelance Writing: Make A Living Doing What You Love

JacksonPHi KC! I'm a big fan of your work!

Marilyn SuttleJust finished my stream, very interesting stuff KC!

JakeBusinessLearningHow specifically do you find authors to ghost write for?

JakeBusinessLearningJust tuned in



JakeBusinessLearningHow do you keep the focus to keep typing for an hour on end?

JacksonPSo it's basically about creating a certain mindset?

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JakeBusinessLearningWill do!

jaiprakashWould you say a person requires a specific amount of creativity required to be able to write books that make a living? Or is that something a person could learn?

jaiprakashYes thanks!

JakeBusinessLearningDo you have a specific time of day that's more effective for you?

JakeBusinessLearningSo wednesday pub nights are not a good idea? :p

JakeBusinessLearningDoes night writing work for you? I've oftened heard a lot of writers do a lot of writing at night

jaiprakashDo you write certain books with a specific target group in mind?

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Where can viewers best get a hold of your books?

jaiprakashGreat, I'm very interested to read some of your work!

JakeBusinessLearningDo you brainstorm with other authors frequently?

JakeBusinessLearningThanks for the webinar KC!

jaiprakashYes thanks a lot!

jaiprakashYou inspired me start doing some writing myself!

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Thanks KC!

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