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The New Era of Digital Marketing
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  • The New Era of Digital Marketing

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 My Greetings!

JakeBusinessLearningHello everyone!



Annetteits fine!

Annetteonly volume louder

Annetteyes good like this

MoslemHi all!

MoslemGreetings from Malaysia!

MaartenSir, Can you send the PP? I have to go in a minute or so. Plus the line is poor, I am on a shared network, that's why

MaartenOK, dank.

JakeBusinessLearningHe "came" with the iPhone ;)

MaartenIs this cycle your circle, or stuff from a Guru?

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Maartenhow many more slides?

Maartenwat betekent VR is a 90's dream?

Maartenplan FB moments? Meaning?

Maartendank, clear.

MaartenDank Niels, was helder.

bgcvanderveldenTop gedaan!