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Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 We're back!


JakeBusinessLearningHi there Alina, greetings from Scotland

Susan PomeranzHello Alina, tuned in late due to traffic. Hi everyone

MoslemDo you work internationally?

MoslemOn clients?

JakeBusinessLearningYes please!

JakeBusinessLearningO right

JakeBusinessLearningWill do that!

MoslemFace2Face as well? Or would that be through Skype?

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Any specific reading you would advise the viewers?

MoslemGreat statement!

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Thanks a lot for your time Alina!

MoslemThanks for the stream!

MoslemThanks a lot!



Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Bye