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Leveraging Idea TournamentsTM for the Front End of Innovation: The Ideate Phase
Stream by: Len

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Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Hi Len, It's working!

LenDo I need to press the record button when I start?

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 No it's recorded automatically!

LenIs there a way to advance my powerpoint slides while still staying in the Yoohcan site?

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 You will have to switch between the two


LenI'm toggling over to powepoint

LenCan you hear me?

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 Yes we can hear you


LenCan everyone attending see this chat, or is this a private chat?


JakeBusinessLearningYes we can see that

Susan PomeranzHi everyone!

Yoohcan Launch Week 24/7 If tere are any questions in the meantime, please direct them at the end!

Susan PomeranzInteresting, the webinar at 13:00 was about thinking outside the box.